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Mobile phone signal in America and how to save money

American cellular system differs from the European system.
All European operators use GSM technology, in simple words you buy a SIM card, insert it into the phone and it works. In America, most operators use CDMA, they do not have SIM cards, so you need to buy a phone that supports this technology and activate it with the operator as you have selected a plan, but do not worry, some operators do sell SIM cards.

We will not consider buying a new phone only to use it in America, as we believe it is unprofitable for the average traveller who has a smartphone. It is best to take advantage of the everyday functions of the smartphone.
Consider the basic issues that arise before a trip to New York City:

Strikethrough red line phone in a circle Is my phone suited to American frequencies?
Almost all the latest models support the American frequency (GSM 1900 MHz or 850 MHz), to make sure, check the specification of your phone’s model on the Internet. If your phone is unable to support - you should buy the cheapest and simplest American CDMA phone (around $10) to the operator with a standard tariff for calls. Approximate cost for this would be $50 per month.

Sim card T Mobile, America Which operators in the U.S. sell SIM cards and where?
In America, only 2 operators use GSM technology and accordingly sell SIM cards: AT&T and T-Mobile. Their websites will open in a new window.
It would be best to buy a SIM card straight after your arrival at the airport after passing inspection.

Phone, economy, money, dollar signs What operator and tariff plan is best to choose for tourists?
We recommend the services of the mobile operator T-Mobile, you will be told about further details in-store, which you can easily find at the airport. Here are some examples of packages suitable for tourists:

SIM card costs $10, but in order to be able to use it you have to choose one of the plans listed below.
For 10$ you get 30 free minutes in America. Rates: 33 cents a minute, 10 cents per SMS across America (even for incoming). Validity: 90 days.
For 30$ you will get 160 free minutes in America. Rates: 20 cents a minute, 10 cents per SMS across America (even for incoming). Validity: 90 days.
For 2$ a day, you can make calls, send text messages and use the internet (2G) without any restrictions. But if you pay $1 more a day, you will have 4G internet instead of 2G. If you do not use your phone for a day, you will not be charged for that day.
To use the internet there are many options, the most popular: $20 - 500 MB per month, $30 - 2.5 GB per month, $10 - 500 MB per day, and $15 - 1 GB per week.
For cheap calls abroad (approx. the same prices as for domestic calls in America) you need to pay around $10 a month.

Information about the various tariffs that T-Mobile offer without a contract (website opens in a new window).

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