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Main attractions of New York

What you must see in New York City? This page summarizes the main attractions of New York (the most popular among tourists). If you are travelling for the first time in this city - then you should definitely pay attention to them! And then - you choose, depending on your tastes and the amount of free time.

Top Tips:
- book a hotel in advance on this website, even if you are not sure of the date of arrival. You can always cancel or change your order for free.

- be sure to pay attention to the section that describes the “City Pass”, which include almost all the sights, and thanks to them you can save a lot of money and time, as your queuing will no longer be a concern!

- all the described places are marked in detail on the map at the right; it can help you to find it easier and plan your trip. Under the map is a link to a general map with parks (opens in a new window).

 1  Broadway, Times Square and Fifth Avenue

How to get there: to get to Times Square: Bryant Park - 42 St, lines:  B   D   F   M . Either: Times Sq - 42 St,  1   2   3   7   N   Q   R   S . Or: Port Authority - 42 St,  A   C   E .
If you want to start a route from the park (as described below), then: 5 Av - 59 St  N   R .
Tip: this is the heart of New York. Here you can hang out the whole day. Times Square is especially beautiful at night.
Description: Streets in Manhattan have a gridded structure. Broadway - it is the only street that crosses the center diagonally. Incidentally, this is the widest and longest street in the city.
Romantic place: Times Square in the evening hours.
The most popular route for tourists: day walk from Central Park along Fifth Avenue (the street on which the most famous stores are located) to the Empire State Building, visit America 's most famous building and then return to the park, but on Broadway, which runs through Times Square. In the evening, this area is unmatched!
Status: open.

Broadway, New York City, USA Broadway, New York City, USA Times Square at night, New York City, USA Times Square at night, New York City, USA

 2  Statue of Liberty with the islands, Battery Park and the South Manhattan

How to get there: nearest station to the ferry: South Ferry, lines:  1   R , or you can go to the nearest station and walk, admiring the park, Wall Street and South Manhattan: Wall St, lines:  2   3   4   5 , Bowling Green (near the famous statue of the bull),  4   5 .
Tip: if you, like most people, are using a standard CityPASS - it isn’t recommended for use on the boat trip to the Statue, it does not include a visit to the Crown itself, unless it is of interest to you. To visit the Crown - it is required that you book a ticket in advance (a few months before the visit), the number of tickets is very limited, and details can be found on the official site.
Standard and enhanced city passes include one tour boat either to visit the statue or off the coast of Manhattan, do not use them to visit the statue, it is highly recommended to buy a ticket separately, because the cost of the ticket at the statue is lower than a boat trip. So it is better to reserve your passes to enjoy the panoramic view from the boat on its tour off the coast of Manhattan, more expensive, but very beautiful, especially at night.
Description: marked on the map, the major attractions of South Manhattan, depending on your interests and how much time you have, select those that you are most interested in. Ferries to the island depart approximately every 20 minutes.
Romantic place: no.
Opening hours: from 9.00 to 17.00 (18.30 in summer).

Important: to get on the ferry to Liberty Island you have to wait for more than one hour. Which is more, the ferry allows too many people on board (click to view the photo). Therefore, we recommend that you order “Water Taxi”, it costs a bit more, but it is much more comfortable and faster than the usual ferry, and the ticket is valid all day in both directions. In addition, you will be allowed to take food on board with you.
Status: open.

Statue of Liberty, New York City, USA Monument in Battery Park, New York City, USA Battery Park and South Manhattan from helicopter, New York City, USA Famous bull, New York City, USA

 3  Rockefeller Center and Empire State Building

How to get there: Rockefeller Center: Rockefeller Center - 47-50 St, lines:  B   D   F   M , Empire State Building: Herald Sq - 34 St  B   D   F   M   N   Q   R .
Tip: enjoy New York from the observation platform of a skyscraper - this is a mandatory item in the program of every tourist. Entrance fee is included in the standard and enhanced City Passes and through using them you will save time and pass the queue. You can buy a ticket online, thereby saving money: Empire, Rockefeller.
Description: both skyscrapers are located in the city center, which means that you will see them while you are on your tour as described in paragraph number 1 above. Which one should I choose: afternoon or evening? This is a difficult question! It may be worth visiting both in one day, one in the afternoon and the other in the evening. This will allow you to view two different cities.
Romantic place: yes, especially in the evening.
Opening hours: all days of the year. Rockefeller Center: from 8.00 to 00.00. Empire: from 8.00 am to 2.00 am.
Status: open.

Manhattan from the observation deck of Empire State Building, New York City, USA Manhattan from the observation deck of Empire State Building, New York City, USA Manhattan from the observation deck of Rockefeller Center, New York City, USA

 4  World Trade Center, National Memorial and Museum September 11

How to get there: World Trade Center, line:  E  (final stop), or walk for 10 minutes, from Fulton St, lines:  2   3   4   5   A   C   J   Z .
Description: nearly 13 years after the terrorist attacks September 11, 2001, World Trade Centre was reopened in 2014. Freedom Tower - the tallest building in America with the observation deck on the top floor (open from May 29, 2015).
One World Trade Center is located near the site of the former Twin Towers, in their place now stands a memorial with the 2 largest artificial fountains in the United States. Located underground is the museum, that opened in spring 2014.
For bookings: National Memorial and Museum September 11.
Status: open.

New World Trade Centre, New York City, USA National Memorial 9-11, New York City, USA National Memorial 9-11, New York City, USA Museum September 11, New York City, USA

 5  Brooklyn Bridge

How to get there: Brooklyn Bridge - High St (Brooklyn side)  A   C . Brooklyn Bridge - Chambers St (Manhattan side)  4   5   6   J   Z .
Tip: the bridge offers a beautiful panorama of the Manhattan skyline, it is more convenient to admire it, if you walk (or ride a bike) from the Brooklyn.
Description: one of the oldest suspension bridges in America. Its length is almost 2 kilometers, so you won’t lose a lot of time if you want to walk along.
Romantic place: yes.
Status: open.

Brooklyn Bridge, New York City, USA Brooklyn Bridge, New York City, USA

 6  Hayden Planetarium and the Metropolitan Museum in Central Park

How to get there: Metropolitan Museum of Art is located at the eastern border of the park, the nearest subway station is 86 St  4   5   6 .
Hayden Planetarium is located at the opposite, at the western border of the park; the nearest station is - 79 St - 7 Av  1   2 .
Tip: entrance tickets to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and various exhibitions are included in popular city passes: standard and enhanced.
Description: one of the most famous museums in America - Metropolitan Museum of Art is located on the border of Central Park. To look through the museum entirely- a day may not be enough to do such a thing! On the other side of the park is the Planetarium, a very beautiful place where you can spend an interesting and informative day.
Romantic place: in Hayden Planetarium there are many romantic places and informative sites.
Opening hours: the park opens from 6.00 am to 1.00 am all days of the year. Metropolitan Museum of Art is opened from 9.30-17.30 (until 21.00 on Friday and Saturday). The planetarium is opened from 10.00 to 17.45. Closed on Christmas Day and Thanksgiving.
Status: open.

Met Museum, Metropolitan, New York City, USA Hayden Planetarium at night, New York City, USA Central Park, New York City, USA

Tours in New York (discounts online)

Tip: be sure to book tours in advance online. Prices on the web are much lower than those you see directly at the checkout. You won’t even have to queue!
Detailed description: the major companies which organize excursions are CitySights, GetYourGuide, City Sightseeing New York.com.

Thanks to the city passes you can save time and money, they include the most popular attractions in New York, more details can be found on the websites of the city passes, both standard and enhanced pass.

For more details about the most interesting excursions, you can read the section called “Tours”.

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