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When is it better to visit New York?

New York City is one of the major touristic destinations in the world. From mid-March to the first of January, there are hordes of tourists in the city. It’s only January and February when the city gets a little rest and prepares itself for a new season - in these months hotels offer low prices and discounts.

The table below will help you to understand the differences in New York between the months of the year. But most importantly even if you are not able to choose your date to go to New York, be sure that you will always be happy with the trip as each month has its advantages.

To begin with some advice:
book a hotel in advance on this website, even if you are not sure of the date of arrival. You can always cancel or change your order for free.
• July is the warmest month.
• January is the coldest month (average temperature of -3°C to 4°C / 26°F to 40°F).
• May is the rainiest month.
• February is the driest month. During this month there are far less tourists.




The coldest month of the year. If you are not afraid of the cold, it's the perfect time to save money. During this time, the hotels offer rooms at competitive prices, and many stores hold their sales.
Average temperature: 4 / -3 °C (39 / 26 °F)


February is usually the driest month of the year. This is an ideal time for young couples to celebrate Valentine's Day in New York; because of the low prices hotels are offering during this period.
Average temperature: 5 / -3 °C (40 / 26 °F)


St. Patrick's Day is celebrated in America on March 17. This makes the holidays more funny thanks to the massive parades. This festival opens the new tourist season in New York.
Average temperature: 8 / 1 °C (46 / 34 °F)


April marks the beginning of spring in New York, making it a great time to visit the town! In early April, it may still be cold, so have warm clothes and umbrellas. Most years, Easter falls in with the month of April.
Average temperature: 16 / 6 °C (60 / 43 °F)


May is a great time to visit New York; the weather is perfect to spend time outdoors during the trip. Take note of the pedestrian tours.
Average temperature: 21 / 11 °C (70 / 52 °F)


In May, the weather is perfect for walking, most of all in Central Park.
Average temperature: 27 / 17 °C (80 / 62 °F)


Independence Day is celebrated in America on July 4th. The most amazing and beautiful fireworks in the world can be seen on this day.
Average temperature: 29 / 18 °C (85 / 65 °F)


If high temperatures don’t frighten you, a visit to New York in August is a great way to celebrate the end of summer.
Average temperature: 28 / 19 °C (82 / 66 °F)


Labour Day is celebrated in America on the first Monday of September; the day officially marks the end of summer. In September America is still warm, but the nights are a little cooler, giving visitors the opportunity to explore New York City by a beautiful weather, without the summer crowds.
Average temperature: 25 / 16 °C (77 / 61 °F)


October for many tourists is the favourite month to travel to New York. Warm days and cool nights make the visit comfortable. Tree leaves change their colour for the fall. Central Park’s image is changing, that is the sign that autumn has yet arrived in New York.
Average temperature: 19 / 10 °C (66 / 50 °F)


November begins with the New York City Marathon, a great event for runners and spectators. Of course, the most famous event in November is the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November, and the next day is Black Friday - the day of the big discounts at all stores.
Average temperature: 12 / 5 °C (53 / 41 °F)


December is the most festive month of the year. Detailed information about this month is available on "What to do for Christmas" page.
Average temperature: 5 / -1 °C (41 / 30 °F)

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